Tuesday, October 5, 2010

New Week Update

The weekend passed by so fast I never really noticed I even had one. Here are is the rundown on what happened during my weekend:
1. Had my Saturday lunch at Bigoli’s, food sponsored by my birthday boy classmate. Took the challenge of the eat all you can cheesy overload and pepperoni pizza. Only managed to stuff into my stomach five slices of pizza. The highest record was 29 slices!
My tummy is really getting bigger now.
 Need. To. Loose.Weight. Flabs.Fast.
 I should probably start the Hiphop Abs workout. Do you think it will work?
2.  I just saw my former high school teacher doing public display of affection at the cinema with her “boyfriend”. Gross.
 To think they were even the pa-virgins who demonized PDA during our high school days. I have to congratulate her though because she even managed to get a boyfriend to call her own.haha
3.  I just announced via SMS to my classmates that the quiz in one of our subjects is moved to a latter date. One replied, “So wala nang quiz tom?”. I didn’t reply.
4. My 7 year old brother asked me to carry him at the mall. And so I did. After a few minutes, he began sobbing with the about-to-cry expression on his face while saying, “Ung toytoy ko kuya…”. So cute.lol


Nimmy said...

ang cute naman nung number 4!!!

hmpf! bunso ako, kaya wala akong ganyang moment. hmph.

KUMAGCOW said...

Gusto ko yung number 3 may tanga moment hahahah LOL

Drei said...

@nimmy - haha! sobrang nakaktwa ung facial expression nya.haha parang maiiyak na ewan.haha!

@kumagcow - sobra nga..nakakabv lang.haha

my-so-called-Quest said...

lol at your teacher. dapat sinutsutan mo sya. uyyy! ms. blah blah, do you know what're you doing? hahaha

wonder how it feels to have a younger sib? :P

Drei said...

@ced - haha! mejo malayo eh.. un pa namang teacher na yun ung sinusungitan ako dati.hehe

wag mo na pangarapin.lol

ʎonqʎʇıɔ said...

kuwawang toytoy! haha parang iba naiisip ko.

engel said...

i tried hiphop ads dati.

i thought i looked stupid so i scrapped the idea. :P

Drei said...

@ citybuoy - haha! ano naman yun?haha
@engel - ive tried it before na. mejo mahirap nga gawin sa kwarto pag may ksama ka.lol

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