Saturday, September 25, 2010

While Waiting for the Rain to Stop

It’s raining heavily again. And it sucks so badly because I’ll attend a friend’s recital in an hour. 
I know that rummaging through the streets to ride a jeep as a last resort won’t do me any good. Probably by now, most of the streets in Manila are flooded at knee level with unidentified floating objects (UFO’s) (e.g. floating ipis, floating plastic, and the worse I saw, floating diapers) following the rippling of the waves.  I remember one instance when I’m about to go home from duty during a heavy rain (I’m wearing white pants and shoes), I removed my shoes and socks and went barefoot along the streets, stepping on UFO’s while I see some students who ride the pedicab for 50 pesos just to “ferry” you across the street. Mga abusado talaga ang mga yan, pero kung sabagay tumataas na ang level of education ng mga Pilipino ngayon ah, at least naaply nila ang law of supply and demand. But I still stick to my point, bwiset parin sila! I felt so miserable that time with my backpack on my right hand and my shoes on the left while my umbrella is sandwiched between my armpits.
Speaking of umbrellas, I think they won’t be a welcome remedy at this time. I’ve had so many experiences of my umbrellas turning inside out during a heavy downpour. That’s why mine don’t usually last long, its either I lose them or they get broken.  I’ll most likely be kind to my umbrella this time.
Oh, finally, the rain stopped already. Thank you Lord!

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