Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Two Cents on the John Lloyd and Shaina Magdayao Hospital Scandal

Everyone's talking about it. You've probabbly heard from your showbiz updated friends, from the pointless talk shows that feature relentless gossip, or simply from the chismosong tambays in the kanto (drug addicts and inefficient barangay tanods included) the  scandal of Shaina Magdayao and John Lloyd Cruz who were allegedly rushed to the hospital with the penis of John Lloyd sandwiched between Shaina's labia.

But the truth to that is not my utmost concern, I'd rather focus on my recommendations if it already happened:

1. If my penis suffered the same fate, I would NOT rush to a hospital, rather I would just call a doctor to come by my house and fix it in a jiffy.

2. I would probabbly use all means (retractors, lubricants) to remove it by the do-it-yourself method - cost effective and spares you from shame

3. I would first search the net on the possible management or first aid. - again, it is cost effective and spares you from shame.

4. John Lloyd should have considered warming up first her vagina during foreplay to check and see if it is patent. Prevention is better than cure.

Practical solutions aren't they?


pusang kalye said...

Ge--ikaw na ang nurse na nurse ang advice. uo nga naman---why would you rush to the hospital if you can call a doctor. isa pa---proper inhale-exhale lang ayn. eventually mapapagod din at manliliit si

pero sandali---kala ko wholesome ka ha? bat ganito post mo? bwahaha

Chyng said...

ang galing na gumawa ng chismis mga tambay ngayon no? dati "nakitang magcheck in sa motel", nagsapakan sa kalsada, "may DOM".. ngyaon may pagka-greys anatomy na! hihi

Drei said...

@ pusangkalye -haha! pero ung inhale exhale technique di parin ata effective un kasi kahit lumiit ung pototoy, nakacontract parn ung vagina.haha

Haha! Wholesome naman tong post ko ah?

@ chyng - sumasabay daw sila sa pagbabago ng panahon. di na daw kasi bumebenta ung mga dating chismis eh. :) BTW, thanks for dropping by. :)

mr.nightcrawler said...

haha... wholesome ba tong post na to? may innocent mind! nyahaha. anyway... welcome to the blogging world :P

KUMAGCOW said...

Pwede ding get help from the Nurse himself hehe

what would you do if you were really there?

Drei said...

@mr. nightcrawler - oo wholesome ito para sakin.haha :)haha..di ko to first time sa blogging world.haha meron pa akong isang blog pero dito anonymous ako.haha

@kumagcow - cguro I'll let them be.haha!

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