Saturday, October 23, 2010

Of Boredom

I'll be spending this semesteral break at the province. I'm back to being a probinsyano and for a while be relieving my role as a Manila boy. Internet connection has been failing me for the couple of days I've spent at home. Plus, I still have to share the computer with my siblings which really lessens the time I spend blog hopping, browsing porn and reading articles.

I am absolutely bored. I miss the busy, polluted streets of Manila, the exasperating schedules I have to live by, and the stress from my academics. For a moment, I remembered when we were having our exams, I was wishing that it would all go away so that I could spend time for myself, my art  (Yes. I do have a soft side for the arts)and my family. But now, it seems that I miss it all so much. I feel so disconnected from friends, bloggers and non-bloggers alike.

There was nothing much to do here.A typical day for me would consist of reading Dan Brown novels, eat, have coffee, and sleep. I remember the busiest day I had was when I had to bathe by younger brother, buy him some snacks at SM Hypermarket, and accompany him to school.

Put simply, libog na libog na ako lumabas.

Bloggers and friends from my province, where art thou?


citybuoy said...

enjoyin mo nalang. haha mamimiss mo din yan pag pabalik ka na ng manila. plus your blog friends are always here naman for u. naks

Pinoy Adventurista said...

saan ba yang province mo?

Anonymous said...


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