Saturday, October 30, 2010

Discount Please?

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Senate Bill 892 is a bill that grants 20% discount to students in the elementary, high school, university, vocational and technical school students as a measure of assisting the parents and the students in the transportation expenses relative to the rising cost of education in the country.

However, this bill is limited since it is applicable only during schoolweek days.

Kasi naman nagulat ako nung isang araw pauwi ako ng probinsya, wala daw kasing student discount ngayong panahon dahil nga sembreak namin. Logical naman diba? Kaso minsan napapaisip din ako, bakit ang mga senior citizens di naalisan ng discount pero ang students, oo? Granting the fact na we don’t have school during our sem breaks, we are still considered as part of the dependent portion of the society for that matter.

Dapat maiextend yang discount na yan to non-school days and weekends in all forms of transportation. Tinggin mo? 


Anonymous said...

saan ba applicable yan? sa jeep lang ba at bus? paano kapag fx?

Drei said...

alam ko pati fx pwede eh.. dapat lang maimplement ng maayos

Yj said...

whenever i go home to Tarlac during sembreaks, i always tell the ticket inspector that i'm on tri-sem... at hindi pa namin sembreak hahahahaha

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