Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Last Post

Its been long since I last posted. Sana naman namiss nyo ako. :) At sana mamiss nyo rin ako since this will be my last post. Minsan kasi there are things na you know are wrong but you still do them. I've made a lot of mistakes and got my life fucked up as well.  Well, yes, there may be a reason for everything but there are also things that can't be traded for anything in this world. Yun lang. Labo. Baybay na!

Nagenjoy ako sa blog na ito, thank you sa mga bloggers na nakainteract ko and all. It was really nice reading your blogs too btw. Sorry sa mga naoffend ko in any way dito sa blogosphere pero syempre I still mean the things I've said. 

Ayun. To summarize this shit eto lang masasabi ko:

Kthanksbye. Add me on Facebook! :)

PS: This blog will be permanently deleted after a week. 

Thursday, November 25, 2010

On Religion

I was so up for philosophical and religious intellectual masturbation during our recent sembreak. Regularly, I would check fora about religion ag or type some extinct philosopher’s name on Google and go stalking about what they think and why did they think in that manner which led me to some very interesting insights that I didn’t seem to think of before. Just this morning, realized that I regret taking my Philosophy class for granted knowing that it teaches us most important lessons to life – more than the technical and medical body of knowledge that my course offers. Surely, it would have paid off if I listened back then.

Anyway, through my search for the Truth, I  stumbled upon a group of people called the Tiger Freethinkers – a group composed of Atheists, theists, deists and the other -eists you can think of. The best part? The members and I go to the same school. I recently met with them last week and I was really surprised on how they share their views on the concepts of God, Soul, Hell, the Afterlife, etc. One bright group of people I must say. They told me that they’re making steps to make their organization a university recognized one which kind of surprised me since the group somewhat deviates from the mission and vision of the school primarily because it’s a Catholic school. The chances are unlikely, yet they still keep their hopes up for the time where the Order of Preachers will be tolerant to other contrasting beliefs.

Personally, upon hearing the Freethinker’s point of views and after reading some Dan Brown novels, I came to a conclusion that there is only one God, cloaked in different perspectives through secular and cultural denominations. People always battle it out on who’s the real God and at the end, they are the ones who are destructed, hence I believe that religion  may be an opium of the society because even in the earliest of times, it just promised salvation for the baptized and destined damnation for unbaptized, united its followers but divided the others.  

Ayan after ng isang mahalay na post ko, religion naman ang topic :)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

For Your Entertainment

A man in his 20’s quietly sips his brew at a nearby coffee shop. Classical music that gave the place a wonderful trance played. From a distance, one can hear the sweet buzz of the coffee grinder as they customers readily come and go. The smell of caffeine gave the place a balanced ambiance of both work and play.  The surroundings felt cozy as it was painted using warm shades of crimson, browns, and reds. 

He was alone at around three hours till midnight. He wore a formal wear terno with thick glasses that made him look a couple of years older.  Sophisticated as he may seem, he was neither too manly nor straightforward. On  another table a woman, about the same age as he, flirtatiously giggled with her friends while enjoying their iced coffee blends. She was attractive as heaven would permit. She had long brown hair that extended up to her back and smoky eyes that eluded the sexiness in her. She is a sphinx that no one would dare approach if one believes he is undeserving. If Helen had the face that launched a thousand ships, then she had the body that launched a thousand orgasms. Yet, she doesn’t seem to care if all the guys at the coffee shop were ogling on her.

So hot, Out the box
Can we pick up the pace?
Turn it up, Heat it up
I need to be entertained
Push the limit
Are you with it?
Baby, don’t be afraid
I’ma hurt ‘ya real good, baby

The group of girls where the beautiful lady sat with suddenly blurted out, “Truth or Dare?” Then they resigned to a whisperings followed by hushed giggles. The lady sat up and approached the man in his solitude. She moved her head close to the man’s ear and whispered, “Where are you going tonight?”

Let’s go
It’s my show
Baby, do what I say
Don’t trip off the glitz
That I’m gonna display
I told ya
I’ma hold ya down until you’re amazed
Give it to ya ’til your screaming my name

And after a small chit chat, the girl and the guy went outside the shop leaving behind the group of girls.They headed to the guy’s condominium and as they closed the door of the unit, the lady took the lead and came close to the man’s body as if hungry for something lustful. They went on to a scene of passion as they locked their lips and sealed them with another’s. Their tongues went fencing, as if in a competition - no party wanted to lose. Their eyes were on each other’s while their hands raced through their bodies. The touching was intense but it didn’t overpower the feeling inside of them. They headed to the room as they dressed each other in their birthday suits. The touching became more intense as the guy’s fingers travelled to his partners slit which felt warm and damp with fluid.

No escaping when I start
Once I’m in I own your heart
There’s no way you’ll ring the alarm
So hold on until it’s over

“Not potty trained?“, the guy joked.

“Not really… You see I have this thing also for thumb sucking ”, she replied

“How would you like to suck my third thumb?” said the  guy as he gave a slight pressure on the lady’s shoulders to go down. She met the monster face to face and started caressing it while looking at the guy’s face of pleasure. He started licking it like a child eating an ice cream. She ran her tongue in circles through the shaft of the penis before she swallowed the whole head and started to bob her head in an up and down fashion. Her mouth felt so warm and tight as it surrounded his penis. Moans of pleasure and gasps of air echoed through the room.

Oh, do you know what you got into?
Can you handle what I’m ’bout to do?
‘Cause it’s about to get rough for you
I’m here for your entertainment

Oh, I bet you thought that I was soft and sweet

‘Ya fallen angel swept ya off ya feet
Well I’m about to turn up the heat
I’m here for your entertainment

 He lay her bare body into the bed and started kissing her all over starting from her face and to her neck. Like a rape victim, she pretended to not like it. He continued doing it to her breast, tracing spirals with his tongue until it reached the pinnacle which he bit slightly. He feasted over her breast like a baby sucking vigorously for a feed. 

He continued as he traced with his tongue to her navel and finally to her slit. It smelled pungent which excited him more. That smell of sex that made go loco over his catch. In an instant, the girl held the head of the guy before her pussy and moved it closer.

“Eat me”, she said. Without any hesitation he prowled at the prey and started parting the girl’s labia with his tongue so wildly that the girl was caught in a moment of ecstasy. For every swerve of his tongue, a moan was surely reciprocated, like a choir singing moans of every tone and pitch – a performance worthy of a standing ovation.

It’s alright
You’ll be fine
Baby, I’m in control
Take the pain
Take the pleasure
I’m the master of both
Close your eyes
Not your mind
Let me into your soul
I’ma work ya ’til your totally blown
They danced in the moonlight of lust until he entered her. Slowly at first, until the pacing progressed like a mad man. He was unstoppable as he dominated her body in every position they can do, pounding her like there’s no tomorrow. The plain moans were now accompanied with curses which made him hornier. He was like a machine that only orgasm can stop while the girl acted like the stress ball. 

No escaping when I start
Once I’m in I own your heart
There’s no way ‘ta ring the alarm
So hold on until it’s over

Oh, do you know what you got into?
Can you handle what I’m ’bout to do?
‘Cause it’s about to get rough for you
I’m here for your entertainment

Oh, I bet you thought that I was soft and sweet
‘Ya fallen angel swept ya off your feet
Well I’m about to turn up the heat
I’m here for your entertainment

“Here… I’m about to….” he said with broken sentences. He hastily removed his penis from her crevice and forcefully jacked it off on her face. Her eyes were closed with mouth wide open. He can sense her hunger like a puppy waiting for his meal. Then squirts of thick white fluid flew into the air and fell into her beautiful face. One can tell she was satisfied. They both lay their naked body side by side on the bed exasperated while the guy placed his hand on her pussy, massaging it like it so deserved.

Oh oh…..Oh entertainment…

Status Message

I just browsed some status messages of some friends and found out that minsan yung ayaw nilang ginagawa sakanila, ginagawa rin nila sa ibang tao. Here are some of them:

"Hindi ka naman mamimiss kapag di mo sinabing namimiss mo sya."

"Kapag ayaw mo, tigilan mo. Hindi yung lalandiin mo pa tapos iiwan mo."

Isa lang sagot ko sa mga status message na yan  --- "Parang ikaw".
Naku andami nanaman magcocomment nyan na bitter daw ako na ewan. Baka nga. Ewan, I just feel deserted now. Baka epekto lang ng pagod to, I really don't know. Sometimes it's really hard to expect that the love you gave for a friend, work or just about anyone/anything will be reciproated. Sometimes it pays off that you don't even bother to care so much. 'Cause I'm always on the losing end.
"I don't expect, I don't assume and I don't give a damn. Anymore.", ayan ang status message ng isa ko pang friend na sa  tinggin ko applicable sakin.
Wala nang coherence ang sinusulat ko, and I don't even bother to edit. Non-coherent spontaneity at its finest nga naman.

Eto pa ang ilang win na win na status:

"Some people just cling on to memories...'cause maybe that's all they have left."

" I hate people who care too much..."

Sunday, November 14, 2010

One More Chance

I still remember the first movie I watched alone. It was in my opinion, the best Filipino film ever made – "One More Chance". The experience itself felt like an emotional suicide further complicated by the pain of lining up for the movie and end up buying only a ticket for myself. And as I entered  the movie house, I had to endure my heavy aching heart when I see couples everywhere. The movie was phenomenal, a blockbuster, I would say. The movie house was filled by a sea of couples – the young, married, and the old which made it hard for me to find a seat. Luckily, I managed to find a one near the back at the farthest seat at the left wing. I bought myself the biggest size of popcorn that the movie house has plus an extra large iced tea to accompany me in movie.
Every row of chair has eight seats and almost everyone was with their partner, I had to bear having an empty seat beside me. I felt like a valiant tiger, a solitary one at that. As the film started, I sensed the warmth of the cuddled couples nearby, yet all I could feel is the coldness of the air conditioning unit. Sensing isn’t the same as feeling after all. You can feel pain, but you can’t sense it.
 As the picture progressed and went on to climax - the scene where Popoy found a new love while Basha went away - I had to do the most consoling thing I can do for myself – fill the spaces of my hand with my other hand just to feel she’s the one holding it. It did the least relief but it sure backfired after only a few minutes as it reminded me that only a unfilled red chair was next to me. Thus, I had to stop again.
After a few years, I had to learn that she was with her seminarian boyfriend that same very day I watched the movie alone. She told me they had an sexual intercourse at the comfort room of the Chapel. Oh what sacrilege it had been! But upon meeting her again, all I could say is:
“Oh, I heard about what happened, it must be difficult for both of you but congratulations on your first baby…”
And all she replied was, “Ninong ka ah?”
In my mind I replied, “Putanginamofuckyoubitch!”

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hay Buhay!

Puta. Ang hirap magging magaling. 

Andame pinapagawa na di naman dapat ako ang gumagawa. Andame pinapaedit na kung ano ano. Patulong sa ganito, patulong sa ganyan – e bat di nyo muna itry gawin muna ng sarili nyo? Lahat na lang nagpapatulong kayo. Lahat problema ko. Tanginang buhay to. Okay naman kung hihingi ka ng favor pero please sana isipin naman kung baka busy ako or what dahil di ko kaya gawin lahat! Kabi-kabila pinapagawa nyo. Puta talaga.

Kulit much. Gisingin ba ako ng 4am para sabihin kung ano ang kanyang ipapagawa ko mamayang gabi?  Di na ako nakatulog ng maayos. Hay buhay.

Minsan di ko talaga nakakayaang tong stress. Ang taas ng expectations, pag di naabot parang isang malaking kasalanan ang nagawa mo sa kanila. The worse part ikaw na nga hinihinggan ng pabor, ikaw pa pinapagalitan. Putakels. 

Breath in... breath out…

My First Podcast!

Hurrah! My very first podcast :) Actually, wala lang ito.haha

Monday, November 8, 2010

Uyy... Pare!

Me and my classmates went out this sembreak sa isang province, bonding lang talaga, before the stresses of college life once again resurface. So ayun, nagstay kami sa isang hotel. It was a very spacious one actually, there were three bed rooms with CRs and a kitchen as well.
At dito nagsimula ang kwento ko.haha! Anyway, syempre as any outing would have,  may pictchuran at inuman nanaman. Kaya naman si Pareng Bacardi at DSLR ang bida noong gabing yun.  Syempre andami kong pictures ngayon na pang profile pic sa Facebook (click to go to facebook).
Pagkatapos ng pictyuran, kasama ko si classmate na may DSLR sa room, tinggin tinggin lang sa mga pictures, etc. Kasama rin pala namin si girlfriend ni classmate since class friend narin namin sya so ayun tinggn tinggin ulit hanggang sa mapansin ko na may ibang nakatinggin mula sa kanyang boxers!
Ito ay ang kanyang:

Hindi yung itlog, bacon, and bread

Kung iniisip nyo na coincidence lang yang picture sa taas, aba’y nagkakamali ka dahil hinalughog ko pa ang Google Images para makakuha ng eksaktong itsura at para madescribe ko sainyo fully. Oo, bite size lang po, mas malaki parin akin. Naka boxers lang kasi sya tapos may parang mga button lang sa gitna kaya madali talaga makasilip si manoy.
I was really hesistant to tell him, kaya iniwan ko na lang, total kasama naman nya girlfriend nya.
I mean, paano ko nga naman sasabihin? Choose the best answer nga.
a) “Uy pare, si manoy mo oh, may hinahanap yata”
b) ”Uy friend, titi mo nakalabas oh…”
c) “Uy (insert name here), ”, sabay turo sa may penis area
d) None of the above
Syempre pinili ko na lang ang none of the above, baka trip lang pala nya talaga ang mag display ng titi nya diba? Iniwan ko na lang.hehe
Lesson learned nanaman ito. Dapat po kasi mag briefs pag nakaboxers lang. Pero kung trip nyo ang “free as a bird” feeling, by all means you have the choice to do so.

P.S. Kung ikaw yung classmate ko na nasa taas na kasalukuyang binabasa ito, I promise full confidentiality :)) I never told anyone about this. Plus, kahit ikaw siguro di mo rin to napansin.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Grammar Lessons Muna

Dahil nagmamarunong at nagmamatalino nanaman ako, gusto ko sana magcontribute ng post na makakatulong sa development of the society. Di man ako English teacher o isang dalubhasa sa grammar and syntax, may mga napupuna akong mga grammatical error paminsan minsan sa mga post ng ibang bloggers. Maaring honest mistake lang ito, pwede rin kasi babangag bangag ka na at nagboblog ka pa, or baka nakalimutan narin ang mga grammar lessons dati. Para po ito sa ikabubuti ng lahat kaya kung filing mo ikaw yung nababasa kong yun, wag na lang masyado halata. Pasalamat ka na lang di ko ginawang sample quote yung sinulat mo with your URL.

Eto ang ilan sa mga common na nababasa ko:

1. Pag nangyari na ang isang bagay, nilalagyan ng –d at –ed sa dulo ang verb para magging past tense ito.

Sample 1
MALI: I receive a text message.
TAMA: I received a text message.

Oh eto pa isang sample.

Sample 2
MALI: I eat an apple.
TAMA: I eated an apple.

Joke lang po yung sample no. 2. dapat I ate an apple yun.

2. Pag plural form ang noun o ang pronoun, dapat plural din ang verb. Tawag dito ay Subject-Verb Agreement.

MALI: The communities raises funds for the poor.
TAMA: The communities raise funds for the poor.

3. There is no such word as “IRREGARDLESS”
Reason: Double Negatives

MALI: Irregardless of the situation, ....
TAMA: Regardless of the situation,...

4. Wag masyado exagg sa paggamit ng adjectives

MALI: Oh! His post is more better than the other one.
TAMA: Oh! His post is better than the other one.

Remember the good-better-best and bad-worse-worst. Di pwede masyado matuwa sa mga ito at gamitin excessively. Pero if you still want to emphasize further a point, you can use the word "much".

TAMA: I'm feeling much better now.

Wala po sanang mapipikon sa mga ito, dahil sobrang importante na maayos ang ating mga sinusulat sa blogosperyo, gusto ko lang po kayong matulungan kasi minsan kating kati ako iedit minsan ang mga post nyo.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Halloween Story (TRUE STORY)

6:20 p.m.

A guy was being interviewed in a police station along West Avenue.  The interviewee was in his late teens, he was wearing a black and white checkered polo and a pair of jeans, accentuated with a pair leather white shoes. There was weariness in his eyes, the kind of weariness you see in the anxious and sleep deprived.

The other scenes in the police station were a blur. Different voices from both complainants and the officers came undecipherable to his senses. The noise although unwavering sounded minute because of his mind’s restlessness.

With all the chaos happening around him, a voice stood out asking, “Oh, ano nangyari sayo?” while a figure wearing a blue uniform with a name plate bearing the word “Senilo” materialized before his eyes. The officer in front of him opened a thick binded notebook which seemed more like a record book. A new page for us was folded, the cop started scribbling characters, numbers and letters which seemed like a date and the incident, respectively.

While he was silent.

The officer asked again, “Ano nangyari sainyo?”

There was perplexity in his actions, his voice was calm and straightforward as he answered, “Nahold up po kami…” He was about to go home at that time. The night was still young, it still must be safe to ride the jeep he thought, and that’s what he exactly did. He rode quite an empty jeepney with only four passengers. As they travelled to the latter part of North Avenue, a group of six men wearing jerseys  joined the unwary passengers. The group was quite unruly, they were obviously not the type of people fond of baths as manifested by their skin color and smell. One of them was holding a cigarette with his lips while puffing the smoke to the passengers' faces.

Something was wrong. Something was definitely wrong, his senses had been telling him. There was fear but he was too hesitant to act upon it. And he surely took the toll for his actions, his instincts never failed him.

“Akin na mga cellphone nyo!”, one of members of the group shouted while aiming a balisong to the guy. “Asan yung cellphone mo! Putangina! Papatayin kita pag di mo binigay”, the hold upper shouted again while searching for the phone of the guy from his pockets. He was in a state of shock – there was no movement in the jeepney around half a minute, the noisy jeepney suddenly became still, it all seemed so surreal.

It was like a trick or treat activity sans the candies and the costumes. And it really was, give out your phone and no one gets to be tricked, or you could get hurt while still keeping the treat. It was a trick or treat that would not accept “patawad po” as amn answer. So much for Halloween.

A familiar voice penetrated his senses again. It was the police officer asking him to sign the paper to make a blotter.

 And there it was, a signature appeared in the paper above the name of Drei Santos.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Discount Please?

Photo from

Senate Bill 892 is a bill that grants 20% discount to students in the elementary, high school, university, vocational and technical school students as a measure of assisting the parents and the students in the transportation expenses relative to the rising cost of education in the country.

However, this bill is limited since it is applicable only during schoolweek days.

Kasi naman nagulat ako nung isang araw pauwi ako ng probinsya, wala daw kasing student discount ngayong panahon dahil nga sembreak namin. Logical naman diba? Kaso minsan napapaisip din ako, bakit ang mga senior citizens di naalisan ng discount pero ang students, oo? Granting the fact na we don’t have school during our sem breaks, we are still considered as part of the dependent portion of the society for that matter.

Dapat maiextend yang discount na yan to non-school days and weekends in all forms of transportation. Tinggin mo? 

Friday, October 29, 2010

10 Ways to Conceal Your Fugly Face in the Net

Here I am again stating the obvious as I mention to you the different ways most people utilize to beautify their faces, err… pictures over the net. For whatever reason their acts may serve, it is of much importance that you are familiar with these techniques so that when EB’s come, you’ll probably know what to expect and how to deal with these fuckingly low esteemed people who try to fool you online.

1. The Artsy Fartsy
These are the type of people who are obsessed with special effects and saturation to the point that only the outline of their face is shown. Usually, their pictures consists of usually 2 contrasting colors and their shades.
Example? Ninoy and Cory pictures.

2. The Sun Worshipper
Always with an over exposed side of the face. Their favorite fictional character is Edward Cullen sans the sparkling effect when hit by the sun. Usually used by facially challenged  and dark skinned people who think they could get away with this effect.

3. Ms.Abot hanggang Isabela ang Nguso
Usually used by girls ages 14 to the late teenage years, probably imitated from magazine models. They may be good kissers since they always exercise their lips but if they insist that is cute, it’s definitely not.

4. The Aerial Man
His favorite angle: the Top View. I pity this person since it’s pretty difficult to show off your best angle if indeed it’s their best at all. Most commonly done, with the pouty lips and puppy eyes effect to complete the paawang-pacute look. Also compatible with the babalu’s out there

5. Mr.Panga Mo Ibida Mo
Similar to the Aerial Man but this time, the side view is emphasized. These people master the art of finding the perfect degree to make their picture perfect. Usually done by fat people.

6. The Candid Faced
These are the people who really make the silliest of faces since they already accepted the lesser fortunes given to them and rather use it to intensify their ugliness so that it would seem cute during candid shots. However, this is technique is only applicable during candid shots, it won’t work on formal pictures unless you want to stick out like a pimple.

7. The Far sighted
These are the people who intentionally blur their pictures so that they would have a clearer face. Usually done by people with acne and other skin conditions

So there, actually there are still more but I just decided to focus on those aforementioned since they are  some of the most prominent. For those people that are guilty of doing these “effects”, you just have to embrace and take care of yourself more. Always remember that being pogi/maganda doesn’t define us as persons.

As the online world can be a lurking ground for the anonymous and the mischievous, we must always remember to take caution in meeting with others. 

I just recalled a simple anecdote that when I was in Highschool, a girl told me in my face, “Kasing pangit mo sulat mo!” in a tone that seemed like in between a shout and an insult. Up to this day I still can’t forget those lines. But now, I can say that my handwriting already improved, somehow. :)

PS: I actually wanted to post real sample pictures but that would be so mean, won’t it?  

I Rule Manila Shirt

(click to enlarge)

Wooo! :) T-shirt design ko, actually wala lang ako magawa, boring ang buhay ngayon. Maybe one of these days makita nyo na lang akong suot suot yan.hehe


Saturday, October 23, 2010

In the Supermarket

Setting: SM Hypermarket

Habang namimili ng babaunin ng kapatid ko, may nakasalubong kami na saleslady na nagpapafree taste. Uyyy... wag bastos, I know what your thinking. What I mean is that, namimigay sya ng products for free tasting. Osige, masampolan nga ito, muka naman masarap kasi hugis Kisses yung chocolate. 

Sabi nya, "Sir, iba ibang variants po yan, may mint, strawberry at milk"

"Ah talaga?", sabay kuha ng tig-iisang peice bawat flavor (patay gutom talaga oh)

Eh sakto namimili pa ako ng babaunin ng kapatid ko kaya nagstay lang kami dun habang kinakain ko isa isa yung mga chocolates na pina free taste nya.

"Sige sir, tambay lang kayo dito para maubos na."

Ahh gusto talaga ng babaeng to maubos  ah,sabi ko sa sarili ko, kaya kumuha pa ako ng mga 6 pieces more at linagay sa lunch box ng kapatid ko.Wala naman nakatinggin eh, tsaka sya na mismo nagsabi na kuha daw ako.

Medyo napansin siguro nya na di pa ako nakadecide kung ano bibilin namin ng kapatid ko, kaya sinabihan nya ako na "Sir ito na lang product namin!"

"Ayoko, di masarap eh..."

Syempre dinugtungan ng "Joke langg!" 

Pero di talag masarap. Pramis!

 Bastusan lang.haha!


Of Boredom

I'll be spending this semesteral break at the province. I'm back to being a probinsyano and for a while be relieving my role as a Manila boy. Internet connection has been failing me for the couple of days I've spent at home. Plus, I still have to share the computer with my siblings which really lessens the time I spend blog hopping, browsing porn and reading articles.

I am absolutely bored. I miss the busy, polluted streets of Manila, the exasperating schedules I have to live by, and the stress from my academics. For a moment, I remembered when we were having our exams, I was wishing that it would all go away so that I could spend time for myself, my art  (Yes. I do have a soft side for the arts)and my family. But now, it seems that I miss it all so much. I feel so disconnected from friends, bloggers and non-bloggers alike.

There was nothing much to do here.A typical day for me would consist of reading Dan Brown novels, eat, have coffee, and sleep. I remember the busiest day I had was when I had to bathe by younger brother, buy him some snacks at SM Hypermarket, and accompany him to school.

Put simply, libog na libog na ako lumabas.

Bloggers and friends from my province, where art thou?

Monday, October 18, 2010

A Qualitative Study in the HipHop Abs Training Regimen

I am officially anouncing that my blog will now be a porn blog. Joke.

After 30 mins of

After a week of undergoing the HipHop Abs training regimen, there was a significant change in the body structure as manifested by decreased protrusion of abdominal muscles. (See this and compare for yourself) However, there was a noted hypertrophy of the muscle cells in the upper part of the rectus abdominis which could be an effect of increased workload on the muscles. Still for continuous observation.

Ayun nga kinontinue ko na ang hiphop abs training ko. Kairita yung instructor minsan.

Work it!
During my first few days, sobrang napapagod ako dun sa cardio excercise to the point na napipikon ako dun sa instructor. Kase naman pagod na pagod na ako sa 3 minutes at 27 minutes pa ang natitira, tapos "Work it" pa sya ng "Work it." Asar lang.

Feels Good!
Isa pa to, feels good na ng feels good eh ang sakit sakit na ng pinapagawa nya lalo na pag yun touch your toes na. Bwiset.haha!

That's mah song!
Funny pa rin naman si kuya kahit papano, kasi naman biglang sinabing "That's mah song!" nung nagplay ang "Don't Cha" ng Pussycat Dolls. FTW.

Siguro talaga dapat ung kela Luis at Anne na lang yung sundin ko.haha Pero ok na rin to, may improvement naman diba?

My First Blogger's Meet Up

Thomasian Gloobal Trade Expo
Picture courtesy of

Paksyet. Di ako makauwi dahil may pinapagawa pa sakin dito sa Manila kaya magkukwento na lang ako sa mga wholesome na nangyari sakin kahapon.

Actually, nasa MOA ako kahapon para sa Thomasian Global Trade Expo. Ayun andaming mga bazaar, job fair, at kung anu anu pang shit. Nagtaka nga ako kung bakit tinawag na global kasi ung mga exhibitors ay mga local brands lang at mga UST memorabilia stores na umuulit ulit lang ang tinitinda.

Pero sinulit ko na lang din ang mga bazaar kasi maraming free, syempre nagpakapulubi at PG nanaman ako kaya andami kong nahakot na freebie tulad ng ballpen at pamaypay courtesy of The Generics Pharmacy and mga candy mula sa Ray Gapuz Review Center.

Marami rami din akong free taste na natikman. Kabilang dito ang Milo, Sjorn, Ice Crumble, at may Ice cream pa na di ko na maalala ang brand. Actually nagstay din ako sa may Cooking Demo ng Century Tuna. Solve na solve ang araw ko sa dami ng pagkain.haha!

Habang nageenjoy pa ako sa expo, bigla ako nakarecieve ng text kay Citybuoy, iniinvite ako magmeet up sa may Greenbelt. Siyet. Di ako marunong pumunta dun sabi ko sa kanya. (Omit the Siyet word, di naman po ako balahura in person, promise :P) Ayun nga, sabi nya next time na lang daw. Nagpasorry naman ako.

Tapos bigla siya ulit nagtext after an hour yata yun, sabi malapit lang daw ang MOA sa Greenbelt. Syempre, shushunga shunga nanaman ako naniwala naman ako. Osige, minsan lang naman tong mga ganitong pagkakataon sayang naman kung di ako pupunta.

Buti na lang may nakita akong friend, na itago natin sa pangalang Paul. Tinuro nya kung saan ako
 sasakay and all, mejo bobo kasi talaga ako sa directions. Sumakay ako ng jeep, na umabot sa MRT station.

Supermegaultra baho sa MRT. Siksikan to the max, parang mga party people. Dumami pa lalo ang tao nung nasa Magallanes na, may isang lalaki din sumiksik malapit sakin. From his looks, either isa syang construction worker or isang kargador. Okay lang naman, tolerable naman ako sa mga ganung tao. Pero shit talaga nung umandar na yung MRT at kumapit na sya sa hand rail. Umalingasaw ang amoy na parang egg sandwhich na naiwan sa bag ng isang linggo at noong inilabas mo may greenish whitish substance na nandun. Di ko talaga kinaya kasi halos magface to face kami ng kilikili nya. Bad vibes pa lalo pag malapit nang huminto ang tren, napapalapit pa lalo muka ko sa kilikili nya due to the effect of force. Laking ginhawa ko malapit lang at kasunod lang pala ang Ayala station.

Anyway, nung pagbaba ko sa station, naglakad ako papuntang Greenbelt na akala ko ay malapit lang (Thank you, Citybuoy). Pagdating ko sa Greenbelt, manghang mangha ako. Sorry naman promdi lang.haha! Ang ganda pala dun, ang sososyal ng mga tao, at yung mga store parang ayaw magpapasok ng customer. Parang basura talaga ako sa Greenbelt. Napansin ko din na habang tumataas ang number ng Greenbelt, sumososyal lalo ito. Kamusta naman nasa GB5 ako.

Ayun nameet kong una si Citybouy. Pinuntahan namin sila Victor at YJ sa Jolibee kasi kumakain daw sila dun. Di ko naimagine na may Jolibee pala dun kasi halos ng stores dun di ko nakikita saan man. Pagkatapos pumunta na kami ng CoffeeBean nameet ko dun sa Glentot at Pinky. Naabutan ko rin si Gasoline Dude kaso di na ako napakilala sa kanya kasi umalis na rin sya agad, pagdating namin.

Citybouy was so nice (narealize siguro nya kung gaano kalayo ang nilakad ko.hehe), linibre nya ako ng coffee. Thankk you! :)

Ayun kwentuhan kami dun habang nagcocoffee sa may labas. Dumating after ilang minutes sina Ahmer at Andy na nagpapansit. Joke. Di sila nagpapansit.

Anyway, andami kong nalaman na mga chi chi about the blogosphere. But I'm not telling. :)

Tapos ayun nagkayayaan maginuman, pumunta kame someplace in Makati. Kwento kwento ulit.

Natapos na kami ng mga 3am, nakauwi ako ng mga 4am. Thank you Ahmer, Andy, and YJ sa pagsama sakin pauwi since clueless talaga ako pano babalik sa Manila. Nakaktuwa mameet kayong lahat. Enjoy talaga ako kagabi, sana maulit muli :) Parang kanta lang.

Hey I'm Drei

Met with bloggers yesterday for the first time :) We should do it again soon.


I went to a public CR at Mall of Asia yesterday with my 7 year old brother. Being public as it is, there were many people walking in and out, doing their thing to relieve themselves. Upon entering the CR, I headed straight to the last urinal while by brother went to next to it. After a while by brother glanced at my penis while urinating. He then suddenly blurted out:
 “Ewwww… Laki!”
Potaena. Umurong ihi ko.Nahiya ako to the bones.haha!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Palimos for a Cause

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This may be one of the most fulfilling days in my life. And it all started as “trip,trip lang…”. While we were studying at Starbucks last night, me and a friend thought of a idea. Crazy at it may seem, but we actually wanted to experience firsthand the life of a beggar. So instead of studying for our Literature exams for the following day, we ended up conceptualizing our “trip”.

And the plan was set. The next day, I brought a very loose jersey,  shirt, two shorts, and a cap which I stuffed forcibly on my Jansport bag. Lala, the friend I’m referring to in the first paragraph planned to join me.

 After our scheduled exams, we met near  the UST gymnasium at P.Noval Street at around 6pm. We asked the guard if we could change to our pulubi costume inside the guard house since it was the CR nearest to the gates, he obliged without the slightest hesitancy. However, he then refused when we asked him if we could leave our bags there. 

“Di kayo pagkakamalang pulubi nyan sa suot at kutis nyo”, manong guard said.
“Hindi kuya, kaya na yan. “
Dapat madumi kayo…bili kayo ng jobos, okaya ng kiwi tapos ipahid nyo sa balat nyo.” (Aba! Nag-susuggest pa tong si kuya guard. )

We decided to start asking the stalls outside UST if they could be so kind and keep our bags. We ended up leaving our stuff at Big Martha’s. Ate Jen and Ate Jean were really very nice and accommodating (I promised them that their names will be mentioned in lieu of their kindness.)

After dressing up and depositing our bags (SM ba ito?haha), we got ourselves concerned with our “props” which consisted of envelopes with the following scribbles:

“Ate at Kuya, palimos po pagkain lang po… Salamat po”
(Some were too crazy and even out of this world)

“Ate at Kuya,may I please have some moolah to buy myself food, drink and clothes. Thanks much!”
“Ate at Kuya, konting tulong lang po…pang shopping lang po”
“Ate at Kuya, palimos po please pangkain lang po sa Mcdo”
“Ate at Kuya, palimos po pambili ng Ipod Nano, yung 4 gig okay na po”
“Ate at Kuya, pengge po pera pang Starbucks at yosi. Pang Dota na rin po”

The envelopes were designed similar to the envelopes street children give to you at the jeeps. Actually, we had a sample to copy since Lala was given an empty envelope by a beggar at the jeep last night when we went home from Starbucks.

After doing all the necessary preparations, we started the trip. 

At this point in time, magtatagalog na ako, ang hirap pala mag-English.

Ayun, naglakad lakad na kami sa mga eskinita at pasikot sikot sa may P.Noval street sa gilid ng Uste. Maraming estudyante noon. Ayos! Marami kaming makukuha ngayon. Nagsimula kami sa mga nagiinuman at mga kumakain sa karinderya. 

“Palimos po.. kahit piso lang po…” ang aking sinasabi sa mga nagiinuman at mga estudyante - ung iba taga FEU, ung iba naman ka-school namin. Si Lala naman ay di makapagsalita dahil nakabraces sya. Sosyal na pulubi. Kaya hanggang acting lang ang drama nya. 

Noong nanlimos kami sa harap ng isang fruit shake stand, naexperience naming first time mabulyawan ng may ari nito. “Hoy! Ano yan!? Bawal yan dito”. High blood much si kuya. Medyo natakot na kami kasi baka kami pa dahilan ng myocardial infaction nya okaya naman baka ipapulis pa kami kaya umalis na lang kami ng kusa.

Image courtesy of

Nang umabot kami sa Mang Toots, isang karinderya, nanlimos kami sa dalawang babaeng mukang nagtratrabaho na. Kasalukuyan silang kumain habang lumapit kami at iniabot ang sobre. “Pasensya na.. wala talaga”. Syempre dapat todo acting parin kami na pulubi. Kaya ayun, tinuro ko na lang yung Banana-rhuma na nasa may hapag kainan nila. (Ang Banana-rhuma pala ay parang turon na may sesame seed) “Osige kumuha ka na…” Sobrang natatawa na ako nung panahon na yun, PG mode nga naman. Sabi ko kay Lala, “Tara, hati na lang tayo…” habang kinamay ko na yung turon sa plato nila. Pero ewan ko ba at ang bait ni Ate samin nang sabihin nyang, “Hindi, kuha ka na rin…”. Pagalis naming dun sa lugar na yun, tawang tawa talaga kami to the highest level.haha! Sino nga bang matinong tao ang gagawa nun?

Nagpatuloy kami sa pamumulubi… umabot kami sa isang karinderya ulit sa kanto ng P.Noval. Sabi ko, para dagdag sa saya, magpeperform na lang ako habang nanlilimos para may added features ang paglilimos namin.

Ginawa nga namin yun. Kumanta ako ng “I Believe I Can Fly” , napatinggin halos lahat ng mga kumakain at lumabas pa yung nagtitinda. Sumesecond voice at nagsu-sway sway pa nga yung iba. Performance level talaga ito, sabi ko sa sarili ko. Pumalakpak naman sila Ate pagkatapos ng chorus ko. Bongga talaga.

Habang nasa harap kami ng Ministop, nakasalubong ko si Kuya. “Kuya palimos po kahit piso lang…” Sagot nya, “Magkano ba?” Kulit naman ni kuya, kakasabi ko lang na kahit piso lang eh. Pero since makulit sya, sabi ko na lang, “Kahit pagkano pwede na…” “Bente pwede na?”, tanong nya. Oo, pwedeng pwede na yang kuya. Thaaankk youuuu!

Umabot kami hanggang sa Morayta. May nagsabi samin na dalawang babaeng studyante, “Magtrabaho na lang kayo… Ang laki laki nyo eh…” Pero ayun persistent parin kami sakanila, di namin iniwan. Kinakalabit kalabit pa naming sila ng paulit ulit. Nakulitan na yata samin kaya “Osige na nga, kinokonsensya nyo pa ako…” Binigyan kami ng limang piso.haha

Dinerecho namin ang Morayta at umabot kami sa Espana. Naglakad lakad kami hanggang umabot sa may UST. Pumwesto kami sa may gate at nanlimos sa dalawang school mate namin na taga Fine Arts habang nagyoyosi. Pagkatapos mabigyan ng limang piso, nakipagkwentuhan kami. 

 “Ate nagaaral ka ba dyan?”
“Anong course ba maganda dyan?”
“Uhm…. Nursing…” (syempre tuwang tuwa kami, gusto naming sabihin ni Lala “Di nyo lang alam ganito ka gago ang mga Nursing!haha
“Bakit naman?”
“Wala.. kasi sila yung parang magaling dito eh…”
“Ahh ganun ba? Magkano kaya tuition nila dito? Balak ko kasi magaral dyan minsan eh”
“Di ko sure e…Medyo mahal eh…”
“Ahh talaga? Afford kaya namin?”
“Ewan ko lang..”

Habang kinakausap naming sila, biglang dumaan ung high school teacher ko sa CAT. Syet! Deds na deds ako nito pag nakita ako. Napilitan kaming umalis.

Naglakad lakad kami sa Espana, nakasalubong kami ng dalawang high school students na tiga Arellano High. “Palimos po” sabi namin. Mukhang natakot yung dalawang studyante. Napatigil talaga sila, yung isa parang maiiyak na. Kumbaga, parang nacorner naming kasi sila nung time na yun. Iniwan na lang namin, baka akala pa ng iba ay nanghoholdap kami. BTW, may CCTV camera pala sa palibot ng USTe. Baka sa first day of classes patawag na nyan kami sa Office for Student Affairs (OSA) okaya naman sa Student Welfare and Development Board (SWDB).haha Naku! Baka ma-lagay pa kami sa school publication na Varsitarian. 

Tinuloy namin ang paglalakad at nakasalubong kami ng medyo matandang couple na tila nagaaway. Nilapitan naming, “Palimos po…” Di kami pinapansin habang nagaaway sila. Di rin kami umalis. Hanggang sa medyo nakulitan na sya at sinabi sa min, “Pwede ba, maguusap muna kami?”. Okaaaayyy, umalis na lang kami. Goodluck na lang sa LQ nila.

Naglakad ulit kami sa Espana, malapit na sa may Lacson. May couple na ulit kaming nilapitan.

“Palimos po…konting tulong lang po” sabay abot ng sobre.
”Oh ano ba nangyari?”, sabi nung lalake
“Galing po kasi kami ng Sorsogon” (Siguro nagtataka kayo kung bakit Sorsogon. Ako rin eh, nagtataka rin kung bakit nasabi ko yun.)
“Ano ba nangyari sa inyo?”
“May sindikato po kasi… dinala kami dito”, sagot ko
“Naku dapat lumapit na kayo sa pulis!”
“Ayy hindi na po… gusto lang po talaga naming makauwi”
“Ahh ganun ba? Magkano ba kelangan nyo?”
“Kahit magkano lang po…kahit pangkain lang…”
“Oh  eto 50…”
“Naku salamat po!!”
“Eto dagdag nyo pa”, kinalikot nya ang kanyang bag at binigyan pa kami ng apat na piso.
“Patulong na kayo sa pulis”, sabi ng babae

Sobrang naguilty talaga ako nung panahon na yun. Sobrang bait ni Kuya kung alam lang nyang pinagtripan lang namin sya. Pero ayun, tinuloy namin ang paglalakad sa Lacson street. Nakakita kami ng isang matandang kumakain. “Uyy Lala, bilhan naman natin ng inumin si manong” Sagot ni Lala, “Tara, uhaw na rin ako eh”. Bumili kami sa mga bangketa sa may UST Hospital. Tatlong Big O na orange juice, ung isa binigay kay manong na napagalaman naming isang parking boy, yung dalawa samin na ni Lala. Tuwang tuwa naman si Manong sa binigay namin.

Grabe talaga yun, imagine, nagduduty kami sa ospital na to, pero ngayon nanlilimos andito kami sapara manlimos sa mga medtech, doctor, at mga estudyante doon. Medyo mailap lang sila kasi delikado raw talaga sa parteng yun ng USTe.

Umabot na kami sa Dapitan, konti na lang maiikot na namin ang 4 corners ng school namin. Umabot kami sa Dela Fuente Street kung saan maraming karinderya. Nanlimos kami sa school mates namin na taga-Accountancy. “Ate may libreng kanta pag nagbigay…Gusto mo sample?”

“Ayy kuya wag na, mapapaos ka lang”
“Ay hindi, kakanta ako…” (ipagpilitan ba ang sarili?haha)
Sinimulan ko nangkantahin ang “I Believe I can Fly” with matching eye contact at hand gesture kaya ate, para bang nasa music video.
“Oh eto na nga…”, sabay abot ng pera

Ewan ko ba kung bakit, pero bentang benta talaga yung kanta sa sa mga tao.Ganun ba ako kagaling kumanta?haha

Naglakad lakad kami hanggang umabot kami sa Perpetual Help. Lumapit kami sa mga taga-Perps na nursing student, dalawang lalake, isang babae. Nanlimos kami. “May libreng kanta po…”

Pero ngayon pagkabigay ng pera, nagpathank agad kami at tumalikod nang bigla kong maalala na di pa pala ako kumakanta.

“Ayy ate, sorry nakalimutan ko yung kanta ko…”
“Ay hinde,hinde ok na..”
Talagang di naman masyadong obvious na gustong gusto ko kumanta no?

Tinanong ko si Lala kung magkano na yung kinita naming. “Mga 200 plus na ito…” Waw andami pala natin nalimos ah. Ung ginawa namin, bumili na lang kami ng tatlong Shanghai with rice sa Copy Shop. Dahil siguro pulubi kami, dinagdagan na nung nagtitinda yung pieces ng shanghai roll at pinabaunan pa kami ng sabaw. Binayaran namin ung pagkain gamit ung mga kinita namin. Medyo nagtagal lang kasi halos tig-lilima at tig-pipiso ang pera namin. After 3 years, nabuo na rin namin ang 120 na bayarin naming. Tuwang tuwa naman ung cashier kasi tigpipiso nga yung bayad, exact amount pa yun ah.

Siguro nagtataka kayo kung bakit kami bumili ng pagkain no? Binigay namin to sa mga batang nanlilimos sa harap ng Starbucks sa Pacific Suites. Nalaman naming na di pa pala sila kumakain. All in all, mga anim silang nagsalu salo sa bigay namin. Naki upo kami sa kanila sa may lansangan. Wala nang pakialamanan kung may makakita man saamin, basta sobrang saya lang naming nun at nakatulong kami. Actually, nakita kami nung classmate naming isa, at takang taka sya kung ano ginawa namin doon. Sabi namin sakanya, “Saka na lang naming ikukwento…” Halos lahat ng dumaraan ay napapatinggin samin at sa mga batang kumakain sa Styrofoam sa gitna ng daan sa harap ng Starbucks. 

Enjoy na enjoy ang mga bata sa pagkain nang bigla kong mapansin na yung isa ay sinara na ang kanyang styro na lalagyan. “Oh bakit mo sinara yan?”, tanong ko.

“Kasi po gusto po ito ng bunso kong kapatid.”

Dun talaga nahulog ang puso ko. Di ko akalain na mula sa trip namin ay marami kaming matutunan at matutulungan. Di ko talaga kinaya yung sagot ng batang yun. Pwedeng pang MMK.

Dun kami nagpasyang tapusin ang trip namin kasi 8 o’ clock na at magsasara na yung Big Martha’s na iniwanan namin ng bag. Pagkadating sa Big Martha’s sa P.Noval, tuwang tuwa sila Ate Jen at Jean sa kwento namin habang kumakain gamit ang natitirang perang nalimos namin. Inonominate daw nila kaming CNN Hero of the Year. Naku mga Ate aasahan naming yan ah? haha 

 Tuwang tuwa din si Kuya Dordas na guard sa P.Noval gate kung saan nagbihis kami.

Pagkatapos n gaming “trip”, narealize ko na andami parin mga taong mababait kahit na hirap na hirap na sila sa buhay. Naarealize ko din na effective pala ang performances at nakatutuwang mga nakasulat sa envelope na bumenta talaga sa panlilimos. Narealize ko rin na malakilaki na rin pala ang kinikita ng pulubi dahil all in all naka 240.50 pesos kami in just 3 hours ng pamumulubi, malapit na rin sa minimum wage yun. Sayang lang talaga wala kaming picture o video nun pero sobrang fulfilled din ako kasi nakatulong ako sa kapwa ko dahil naibahagi ko yung pinaghirapan ko, at di lang kinuha mula sa bulsa.
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