Monday, October 18, 2010


I went to a public CR at Mall of Asia yesterday with my 7 year old brother. Being public as it is, there were many people walking in and out, doing their thing to relieve themselves. Upon entering the CR, I headed straight to the last urinal while by brother went to next to it. After a while by brother glanced at my penis while urinating. He then suddenly blurted out:
 “Ewwww… Laki!”
Potaena. Umurong ihi ko.Nahiya ako to the bones.haha!


RainDarwin said...

wag ka magagalit ha?

may future ang younger brother mo!



Drei said...

HAHAH! natawa ako!

Tenshi said...

pakshet Mr. blogger! but knowing the profession you're taking up, i know you understand your brother very much... :D

I guess you should be just proud... your brother complimented you..... in a way..... i think... @.@

well just be happy you're blessed! :D

Drei said...

Oo naman :) medyo nadalay ang phallic stage nya.hahah!

habhah! Mas okay sana kung sinabi nya privately kesa marinig ng buong CR diba?hehe

Tenshi said...

oo nga naman... may point si kuya "drei"... HAHAHA... buti di ka pinagtinginan... :P

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