Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Last Post

Its been long since I last posted. Sana naman namiss nyo ako. :) At sana mamiss nyo rin ako since this will be my last post. Minsan kasi there are things na you know are wrong but you still do them. I've made a lot of mistakes and got my life fucked up as well.  Well, yes, there may be a reason for everything but there are also things that can't be traded for anything in this world. Yun lang. Labo. Baybay na!

Nagenjoy ako sa blog na ito, thank you sa mga bloggers na nakainteract ko and all. It was really nice reading your blogs too btw. Sorry sa mga naoffend ko in any way dito sa blogosphere pero syempre I still mean the things I've said. 

Ayun. To summarize this shit eto lang masasabi ko:

Kthanksbye. Add me on Facebook! :)

PS: This blog will be permanently deleted after a week. 
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