Thursday, November 25, 2010

On Religion

I was so up for philosophical and religious intellectual masturbation during our recent sembreak. Regularly, I would check fora about religion ag or type some extinct philosopher’s name on Google and go stalking about what they think and why did they think in that manner which led me to some very interesting insights that I didn’t seem to think of before. Just this morning, realized that I regret taking my Philosophy class for granted knowing that it teaches us most important lessons to life – more than the technical and medical body of knowledge that my course offers. Surely, it would have paid off if I listened back then.

Anyway, through my search for the Truth, I  stumbled upon a group of people called the Tiger Freethinkers – a group composed of Atheists, theists, deists and the other -eists you can think of. The best part? The members and I go to the same school. I recently met with them last week and I was really surprised on how they share their views on the concepts of God, Soul, Hell, the Afterlife, etc. One bright group of people I must say. They told me that they’re making steps to make their organization a university recognized one which kind of surprised me since the group somewhat deviates from the mission and vision of the school primarily because it’s a Catholic school. The chances are unlikely, yet they still keep their hopes up for the time where the Order of Preachers will be tolerant to other contrasting beliefs.

Personally, upon hearing the Freethinker’s point of views and after reading some Dan Brown novels, I came to a conclusion that there is only one God, cloaked in different perspectives through secular and cultural denominations. People always battle it out on who’s the real God and at the end, they are the ones who are destructed, hence I believe that religion  may be an opium of the society because even in the earliest of times, it just promised salvation for the baptized and destined damnation for unbaptized, united its followers but divided the others.  

Ayan after ng isang mahalay na post ko, religion naman ang topic :)


Yj said...

hmmmmm i was about to make a post about my philo class earlier, kaso may dumating...

ayun imbes na mag post eh napaluhod ako at napasamba....

at nagdasal ng taimtim.... yaiy

glentot said...

Like my friend always says, your religion doesn't matter, it's your relationship with God that truly defines you...

Kakaumay naman nandito si YJ... bwahaha.

Kane said...


I loved my philosophy classes and I agree with you. They taught me the most important things.

You should try reading the original text of these philosophers.

They can be quite a read.

Besides... Dan Brown??? Really???


p.s. Yj, mukhang intense ang iyong uh ... spiritual life.

Drei said...

@yj- iba ka talaga.haha!! :)
@glentot- true. :)
@kane - Babaw babawan ba kay Dan Brown?haha Yes, coming from a catholic university, we were really into those readings. I like John Hick's philosophy the most.

Anonymous said...

God is not limited by the human fallible intellect/mind....that is why he is God. "Our (man) ways are not his ways." God uses the foolish things of the of the world to shame and confound the wise.
Not even any philosophical class can profoundly explain who God is or even his existence. God is not explained through logic because God works mysteriously. All I know is that one cannot be saved by religion but by Jesus. Even Jesus hates religion (how many times he criticized the Jewish rabbis in the New Testament).

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Shivam said...

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